1. Character design for an upcoming comic I’m writing, The Ghosts of Tryll. Haldur, captain of Stunden. http://www.talesofmaora.com/

  2. The second part of my fantasy series “The Goblin Wars” is coming soon. Catch up by reading the original here: http://www.talesofmaora.com/2013/02/gworreturn01/

  3. Work in progress. #lionofjudah

  4. austinkleon:

    Here’s the chapter list for my new book, Show Your Work!

  5. neil-gaiman:


    Amazon is very bad at keeping secrets. P.S. Neil Gaiman’s Doctor Who ebook is called Nothing O’Clock.


  6. Another special Yogscast portrait, this time of Simple Simon Honeydew, the contemplative.

  7. Did another Yogscast portrait. This time its Sjin, the jolly bard.

  8. I did a portrait of the Best Guy, Sips of the Yogscast. More to come.

  9. NASA ftw


    In the early years of space flight, both Russians and Americans used pencils in space. Unfortunately, pencil lead is made of graphite, a highly conductive material. Snapped graphite leads and particles in zero gravity are hugely problematic, as they will get sucked into the air ventilation or electronic equipment, easily causing shorts or fires in the pure oxygen environment of a capsule.

    After the fire in Apollo 1 which killed all the astronauts on board, NASA required a writing instrument that wasn’t a fire hazard. Fisher spent over a million dollars (of his own money) creating a pressurized ball point pen, which NASA bought at $2.95 each. The Russian space program also switched over from pencils shortly after.

    40 years later snide morons on the internet still snigger about it, because snide morons on the internet never know what they are talking about.

    (Source: yourresidentginger, via neil-gaiman)

  10. moviesincolor:

    Mel Brooks Week
    High Anxiety, 1977
    Cinematography: Paul Lohmann